And There Were Many Calls

11 Mar

This week has been interesting.

On Tuesday Elder Visconti and I had a rendez-vous with an ami and a member at the chapel. We got there about six minutes early and were just going to wait at the door for the two to show up. But I had studied diligence that morning and I felt that it might be good to continue walking a bit and talk to some people for a few more minutes. Why not make use of our time?

Well, we ended up stopping a man in his thirties. The Spirit was super strong in the contact. He didn’t hesitate to fix a rendez-vous. We scheduled it for Friday but that was the time that worked best for all of us. We were really excited about the rendez-vous because, like I said, the Spirit was pretty strong in the contact and we could tell that he needed to hear the Gospel.

Wednesday morning came and we went to Nantes for district meeting. While there, we got a call from this man. He was calling to confirm the rendez-vous and then at the end of the call he said, “And… so… you’re Mormon, right?” And I replied yes and then he said, “Umm…. Well, I’ll have to confirm that with you later then…”

In my head I was saying, NOOO!!! It was super obvious that he had gone online and read all sorts of rubbish on the Mormons (That happens a lot here in France).

After district meeting we started an exchange and I went back to St. Nazaire with a different missionary. We felt that we needed to contact that afternoon so we did that. And who did we cross on the street as we did that? The guy we set a rendez-vous with. You could tell that he really didn’t want to see us.

“Buhhh… I won’t be able to make it on Friday…” he said.

“Okay,” I said. “Is there a reason?”

“No, it’s just that I have my opinions… and I’m not interested.”

So I told him OK and that he could call us if he wanted to see us in the future.

The next day he called us and wanted to see us.

So Saturday comes and we invite a member and we have our rendez-vous and it is GREAT. The Spirit was SUPER strong. And he was very receptive to everything we told him. He told us that his family is super Anti-God but he’s always believed that something is out there. It was honestly an incredibly good lesson.

He came to church the next day and really liked it. He told us after the services that he felt something and that he wanted to talk. We talked to him and read Moroni 10 with him. Again, it was super, super good. At the end of the lesson we fixed a baptismal date for the 13th of April!

And then late Sunday night he called us and said he didn’t want to see us anymore…

And then he called an hour later and said that he wanted to see us on Tuesday and talk about baptism….

And then he called this morning and said that he wanted to confirm Tuesday and that he had questions about social security…? And I said, “I can’t help you with that…”

And then he called us around noon but I didn’t notice the call…

And he just called me again….

…. And he just told me that he’s going to call later tonight….

Soooo. Not sure what to think. The weird thing is that the rendez-vous and really, really good and he’s COMPLETELY normal in them. I heard him tell a member yesterday that he has a hard time communicating with people. Elder Visconti and I think that he might just be really, really socially awkward and so he lacks confidence in himself and others. So he’s very indecisive. We’re not completely sure but that’s what we think it seems to be. I suppose we’ll find out.

So there’s your weird story for the week.

Good things are happened here, though.

While on exchange, the elder I was with and I were talking about some worries we had. As we were discussing, a memory since forgotten flashed through my mind. There I saw two missionaries, Elder Gubbay and Elder Burnside, writing three letters on a whiteboard.

“Okay, get your planner out,” I told the missionary. “And write these three letters: R-O-D. That means Repentance, Obedience and Diligence. And the key to all of that is prayer.”

We looked the three terms up quickly in the Scripture Guide and set goals for our exchange based off of ROD. We saw some really cool things on that exchange. And the elder went back to his area and they also saw some cool things on there.

It was just really cool because as I was talking with him about ROD, it wasn’t really like I was sharing anything with him but more like we were both being taught something important. A couple of the zone leaders, Elders Gubbay and Burnside, back in Brussels had talked a lot about ROD back when I was there and it just hit me like a bird flying into the window! I had totally forgotten that. It wasn’t even on my mind! It didn’t even make that big of an impression on me back in Brussels. But I’m glad the Lord helped me remember!

We’ve been applying those three principles as well as prayer in our week this last week. I feel like we’re being guided more by the Spirit as we go out and work. Our week was busy but really good and we found a lot of new potential amis and we scheduled a lot of rendez-vous for this week. We’ll see what happens, but things are looking really good! And a couple of our amis keep progressing–one is still looking at getting baptized on the 6th. It’s all very exciting! :D

This week will be busy. We’re going to Paris for zone conference this Wendesday and then we have an exchange on Friday.

Should be good.

Talk to you next week,
Elder Saul Marquez

P.S. There were some Spanish speakers in the grocery store this morning and the cashier didn’t understand what they were saying so I totally translated Spanish to French and I felt super cool. Hehe.

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One response to “And There Were Many Calls

  1. Tony Economou

    March 11, 2013 at 9:27 am

    Saul, looks this brother is being pulled in all directions. I’ll be interested in how things turn out. As a convert I can attest there are some crazy external forces out there.


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