Elder Visconti

25 Feb

Well, I got my new companion and his name is Elder Visconti. He’s a visa waiter! Just like Elder Fourtina was. In fact, he knows Elder Fourtina because they come from the same stake. He comes from a city in the South of France called Pau (“Po”) and he’s been called to serve in the Provo mission.

And everyone seems to love him!

The members went nuts when they saw that the new missionary is French. Even more so the fact that he’s a bleu (“greenie”) missionary and he speaks great French—hahaha. The members love to go up and tell him, “You have perfect French, no accent or anything!” And then they laugh their heads off.

All the members love him.

Of course he has perfect French. He’s French! Haha. He doesn’t speak English yet. It’s really funny to hear him try and say things in English. I laugh pretty hard. But I know I was like that when I was trying to learn French. But he helps me out with my French as well. All I do is talk in French now. First day was a bit tough but now I don’t think about it much. I’ve even been thinking in French the last few days… I caught myself doing my personal prayers in French. I was like, “Non!!!!!”

But not a big deal. It’s actually a lot of fun and we’re getting along well. I’m super impressed by his excitement. When it’s time to leave the apartment, he’s jumping up and down shouting, “Let’s go!” in a thick French accent. It’s hilarious. And he has no problem talking to the people. He hasn’t been to the MTC yet but he seems to be getting it really really well. I just tell him what to do and he goes and does it and he does a pretty good job.

And all the members love him.

But I’m seriously impressed by how excited he is to go out and work and do everything he has to do. He’s super young too. 18. Although here in France, the members could already leave at 18, even before the age change.

All the members love him!

It was also cool because when I went to pick him up, I got to see all of the other new missionaries. I think there are about fifteen new ones (guessing off the top of my head). They’re the first batch of the new group of missionaries who have begun missions since the age change. So exciting! And they are all SO LEGIT. I am SO JEALOUS. I went to stay here longer and see it all happen. But….

Did I mention that all the members love Elder Visconti?

I believe there will be about 90 new missionaries coming in next transfer. Our mission is about to go BOOM. Déjà in Nantes, which is in my district, there are now six missionaries. And here in St. Nazaire, we’ll be getting a new couple equipe next week. We’re all super excited! The members are excited too. St. Nazaire is part of the last district that exists in France. They’re really working hard to turn these branches into wards and the district into a stake. It’s all so exciting.

Good news here? Remember the story of the lady who called us one day, saying, “I don’t know why I’m calling you?” And we fixed a rendez-vous with her? Well, she’s been coming to church since then. She loves it. The members love her (just a little bit more than they love Elder Visconti). And she agreed to be baptized!! The date is April 6th. I think she can be ready before then. We’re hoping because the 6th will be a bit tough for several reasons…. But we’ll see. But it’s all so exciting!

Great things going on here! I just love it all SO MUCH! I’m LOVING MY MISSION. I don’t know how else to say it. Life is just great. Tough and tiring, but so so so so good.

And all the members really like Elder Visconti.

Elder Saul Marquez

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