Sick Week

18 Feb

This last week has been very busy and tiring and loaded with all sorts of surprises.

Here’s just one surprise: The Flu! I woke up Thursday morning all good and fine with no problems. And then I suddenly got super super tired and sleepy during personal study–and I’m pretty good at avoiding that. And then I got really cold. So I put on a jacket and a scarf and my companion laughed at me. And then my temperature rose to 102.6 degrees or something like that. And I didn’t feel too good so I rested in the morning. But we had a rendez-vous at three in the afternoon so I got up to go to that.

It was with a new woman who we had contacted some weeks before. We taught her the first lesson and she was very interested in it. She said that she’s been searching for the truth and so she was more than happy to take the Book of Mormon. I thought it was a really good lesson except for the fact that it hurt for me to speak and my entire body ached and I was shivering and whatnot. I’m pretty sure she could tell I was sick. But I survived and we’ll be seeing her again on Thursday.

I was sick some more.

Friday came and I was still sick. Friday was also the last Friday of the transfer. That’s normally when the assistants call everyone to tell them that they’re the district leaders or that they’re training. I was certain Elder Fuller was going to get a call.

Well, the call came.

It wasn’t for Elder Fuller. I’m training. AGAIN. This is, like, my third time if you count Elder Fourtina a year ago. But I’m excited. I’ll only be doing half the training, though, because the training program is twelve weeks long and, well…

Anyway. Saturday came. I was still sick. We taught some people. I’m sure they could tell I was sick. And then Sunday came. Still sick.

Today’s Monday. Still sick.

Despite the sickness, I still had a good week. Wednesday was especially cool. We didn’t schedule rendez-vous that day because our entire mission, as well as the Lyon mission, all spent the day finding new people to teach! All the missionaries in France, French-speaking Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland united together in an effort to find new people to teach and baptize! We prayed for our two missions every thirty minutes. It was really cool. We didn’t actually find anyone on that day but plenty of other companionships did. Either way, the Spirit was strong. There’s something about being unified by prayer that you just can’t explain. It was a very neat experience.

And so today is day one of another transfer. This transfer is six weeks long. Back to normal. And I really really want to make the most of this one.

Elder Saul Marquez

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Posted by on February 18, 2013 in Mission


One response to “Sick Week

  1. Michael Helvey

    February 18, 2013 at 9:01 am

    They ask the best missionaries to train! And he’s done it several times. He must be awesome!


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