Two is Better Than One

11 Feb

This week was really good, particularly the weekend.

Our 34-year-old investigator was baptized this last Saturday. I baptized him. He wanted it done in English over French (long story). And the baptismal program was in Bretton (but we left some French in). Haha. And very very few members could attend. So it was different from any other baptism I’ve been to thus far on my mission. But it was still really good.

He’s pretty tall and I’m pretty not tall. So it was somewhat difficult getting him fully under the water! We had to do it twice! On Sunday a member went up to him saying, “I heard you had to go under twice!” And he said, “Yeah, I don’t like uneven numbers.” Hahaha.

And then the member who did the confirmation messed up. So we had to do the confirmation twice. Haha. He was a good sport about the whole thing.

And thank goodness, I kept myself calm this time. I didn’t stress out like I did the last baptism. The last baptism I felt like a rabbit trapped in a little box. I don’t know why. I just stress over things too easily.

Yesterday was very good as well. We had several investigators come to church–more than we’ve had before. The investigator class was filled!! And they took up a nice little chunk of the congregation during sacrament meeting. The members seemed super happy to see so many new faces there. They all did a good job at befriending them too.

And the girl we baptized a couple weeks ago is introducing us to a friend who wants to meet with us tonight! :D

Things here are just great.

This Wednesday our mission along with the Lyon mission will all be doing a day of “Spiritual Finding.” We plan to spend our time finding new people to teach–people who will accept the invitation to be baptized. It’s all to prepare ourselves for the new missionaries. President Poznanski is guiding us in making our work more spiritual and fruitful. Things are better than they have ever been before, in my opinion. We want to be at a new level by the time the new missionaries arrive.

It’s the last week of the transfer. We’ll see what happens next transfer. I’ll probably stay here in St. Nazaire. We’ll see. Good things are happening.

Elder Saul Marquez

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Posted by on February 11, 2013 in Mission


One response to “Two is Better Than One

  1. Michael

    February 11, 2013 at 8:23 am

    What an amazing missionary. St. Nazaire is not the easiest city in the mission to serve in, none of them are. But I can tell he is really lighting the place up. I wouldn’t expect anything less from him.


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