Here You Go

05 Nov

This week was good! I got plenty of good birthday wishes from everyone, even the ward members! It was especially nice to get calls from them on my birthday. We spent most of the time porting–and there’s no problem with that. It’s just that some of the people that day happened to be especially unhappy to see us. So every time I got a call during the day it was like a nice boost saying, “You can do it!”

Unfortunately, we didn’t find anyone new this week–despite our porting and contacting efforts. We’re sure we’ll find some cool people soon. Just a couple weeks ago we found a new investigator. He was a referral from one of the members and he’s really, really cool. And he asked one of his roommates if they would be interested in talking to us and he said yes! So we should be seeing him sometime this week.

Even though we didn’t find anyone new to teach this last week, Elder Kendall and I kept ourselves entertained. Sometimes the French say and do the funniest things when they’re not happy to see you…

Yesterday at church was pretty cool. We ended our fast with a ward meal. Then there was a ward fireside after the meal. They turned one of the rooms into an airport waiting room. A different room was the interior of an airplane. The members rode on “Celestial Airlines.” But Celestial Airlines must not be very reliable because the plane crashed and they all DIED! And then one of the members, dressed in white walked in and told everyone, “You’re all dead. So now we’re going to have a tour through the three kingdoms.” So everyone left the airplane and walked to a different room where it was dark and cold. I was in that room and I got to read a bit from Doctrine and Covenants and tell them about the Telestial Kingdom. I was also dressed in white. Then they went to a different room that wasn’t as cold but was dark and Elder Kendall was there to talk about the Terrestial Kingdom. Then they all went back to the room that was the plane but had been transformed into the Celestial Kingdom. It was light and warm in there.

So the idea wasn’t to make the Telestial or Terrestial kingdoms look bad or anything. The reason for the coldness and the darkness was more to better illustrate how, while the three are degrees of glory, each is at a significantly different level of glory. If that makes sense. It was a cool and large object lesson. And behind the scenes we were busy putting the rooms together and getting in our white clothes and whatnot. It was fun. It got me thinking a lot about the Plan of Salvation and how grateful I am to know that it’s true. And how wonderful it is that we have a father in heaven who cares enough to give us so many opportunities to get back to Him–so many opportunities to be happy.

Isn’t that a great thought?

And here’s the best part: It’s true!

Elder Saul Marquez

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