It’s an Elder!

17 Sep

It’s an Elder!! Yaaay!!!

My new companion’s name is Elder Kendall from Texas. That’s my third companion from Texas. I don’t know why they always come to me.

Of course, when I stood up so President could present me in front of everyone and announce who I was training, he had to say something along the lines of, “Elder Marquez is a MAGICIAN!!! Yes!” And then someone told him that in English we say wizard and so he said, “I mean, a wizard!! He has a magic wand!”

Last week was one of the longer weeks of my mission. I think that’s in cause due to the changes what with Elder Richer-Brulé leaving and Elder Kendall coming in. We also didn’t get to see many people that week. Either our schedules didn’t work out with us having to go into Paris for the transfer or the stinkin trains ran at the most inconvenient times. Thankfully, in coordinating with some members, it looks like this week will be a lot better and we’ll get to see many other people.

Speaking of this week, tomorrow should be pretty legit. Guess who’s going back to Brussels? MEE!!! Our zone conference is up in Brussels tomorrow and so I’m totally excited to go back and see a bit of that city that I love so much.

Our baptism for the 29th is still looking good. And we’re still waiting on the date for the two girls of that one family, but it sounds like it’s all going to go through. Baptisms are always fun. :D

So I’m always getting questions whether through letters or emails or through my mom or from my mom. Hehe. So I’m thinking in a week or two I’ll just send an email that answers some questions. So if you have any questions or any more questions or just wanna know something like my favorite color, go ahead and send it to my mom or leave it in a comment or post it or send it by owl. However you want (although if you send it by owl, please remember to feed the owl before hand. That’s a long trip and I’m tired of having to feed everyone’s malnourished owls). I already have several I know I can answer.

There you go.

Short email. :)

Who’s excited for general conference?
Elder Saul Marquez

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