Pregnant Again

10 Sep

Here we go again.

Friday afternoon. The phone rings.

“MARIA DOLORES, COMO ESTAS?!” Maria Dolores. This is what they call me here. It’s the assistants.

And then these words, “The time has come for you to bear a child! You will have a healthy boy!! How do you feel?”

“I feel like I just gained a lot of weight,” I said.

I’m training. And thus I’m pregnant. Again. But this time I’m not training a visa waiter. It’ll be a missionary who actually stays in the mission. I’ll get to teach him how to fly, push him out of his nest and watch him fall and laugh and stuff. Or however it works. So I have no idea who it is. I’ll learn on Wednesday. It’s always a surprise.

And so this means that Elder Richer-Brulé is leaving Valenciennes. It was his first ville on the mission so he’s kinda sad, but we’re all excited for him. He’s going to MEAUX!!! That’s where I started. :) We’re trading places. So that should be fun for him.

Today has been fun. Valenciennes is nuts. The ville has shut down and the FLEAMARKET IS IN!!! I have so far bought a legit TinTin pin and a couple of pocket watches. Might buy a flag. Dunno yet. We were looking for ties but couldn’t find much. It’s a crazy world outside!!

Apart from all of that, the last thing I wanted to write about today was that first family I talked about last week.

I mentioned that most of the family has been baptized. The one we were really waiting on was the mother. This last week she finally agreed to being baptized!! We set the date for the 29th of September. We might have to change it, though. Apparently there’s a relief society thing that day. We’ll find out tonight. As for the other family, we still don’t have a date for the daughters but it sounds like it will be early October. It’s so wonderful to see how these two families continue to open up more and more. The ward loves them and is so excited to have them. It’s funny how one or two families can really make a huge difference on a ward. I’ve never really thought of that until now.


Elder Saul Marquez

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One response to “Pregnant Again

  1. Michael Helvey

    September 10, 2012 at 7:21 am

    Nice choice on the Tintin pin! : )


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