Dizzy Sickly Week

27 Aug

Tuesday we went to district meeting and Elder Richer-Brulé had the phone in his pocket. When we got back to the apartment, the phone was nowhere to be found. We tried calling it but it would go straight to voice mail (and yet it was still fully charged). So clearly someone had it. We figure they took out the SIM card. Thankfully our neighbor let us use his phone to call the office. They told us that we wouldn’t have a phone for a few days.

Okay. Setback–but we weren’t going to let it get in the way of our week.

That night, Elder Richer-Brulé goes to sleep. Four in the morning, Elder Richer-Brulé runs to the bathroom. He throws up. He’s too sickly to come back to bed and stays by the toilet the rest of the night. Me? I’m having the best sleep I’ve had in ages.

So Elder Richer-Brulé was sick all Wednesday. He got back in bed in the morning and then after that wouldn’t get out. Just getting out of bed made him dizzy and want to throw up. So we stayed in the apartment all day. I studied Preach My Gospel all morning, ate lunch, reorganized my study binder, prepared a lesson, blah blah blah. I kept myself busy. Later that night we hiked to the church (it’s like a half hour walk) to call members and amis and also let Soeur Poznanski know that Elder Richer-Brulé was sick. We got some medicine and he slept the rest of the night.

Thursday was better. We went out with some members and visited some recent converts and less actives. It went really well and we had a good time. Later that night we returned to our apartment and had dinner. Then our district leader showed up with our new phone (he had been in Paris that day so he was able to get it for us).

And then I threw up.

Yes, I got sick. With the same thing. And a fever. So Friday I was in bed all day. We called Soeur Poznanski and let her know. President told me that I should use my magic wand and cast a spell to make me better.

And then we lost all the investigators we found so far this transfer. :(

Soooooo. Not the greatest weeks ever. We were basically sick all week but oh well. We still have high hopes for this next one. Amidst it all, we did receive a referral of a woman who’s been going to church for a while but was never taught by the missionaries. I talked to her last night and she seems really cool. On the referral page it said that she wants to be baptized so hopefully good things’ll come soon! We’ll meet her this week.

So there’s our crazy week.

Happy birthday (to whomever might be having a birthday this week),
Elder Saul Marquez

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Posted by on August 27, 2012 in Mission


One response to “Dizzy Sickly Week

  1. Wade McGregor

    August 31, 2012 at 3:42 pm

    Hey, Saul,
    So sorry about your illness. Hang in there and keep the faith. I love reading your blog. It is a real inspiration to me to continue sharing the gospel whenever I can.
    Best wishes,
    Wade McGregor


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