Long Week, Greater Opportunities

20 Aug

This week was better. We taught a fair amount of lessons. It’s still kind of low compared to what Elder Andrus and I had been teaching in Mantes, but at least we’re progressing! And–hey–we found some new amis. :)

It actually all started last week, back to “Long Week, the Small Opportunities.”

So we went to Mantes and we pretty much felt like that had been a waste of a day. We spent the entire day in trains only to not be able to start my legality. And so when we got to Valenciennes we started walking toward our apartment, the day over and behind us. We were talking about what a waste of a trip our time in Mantes had been when a woman heard us speaking in English.

“You’re American?” she asked. We said yes and she asked, “Are you from the Church of Jesus…. the… end of the world….”

“The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!” we said. (Not the saints of Jesus of the end of the world, by the way. There are some people who actually interpret it that way!)

Well, we talked to her briefly and learned that she had talked to missionaries some fifteen years before. She asked us for the address of the Church and she said she’d be there. She seemed a bit interesting so we weren’t too sure she’d keep her word.

Come Sunday she was there with a friend! She wanted a Book of Mormon and so I set up a rendez-vous with her so we could give her one. As for the friend… she was crazy.

Tuesday we ended up teaching the woman in a park and taught about the Restoration and offered her a Book of Mormon. We then set up a return rendez-vous for Friday.

Friday comes and this is where it gets cool! She came to the rendez-vous and she once again brought a friend along. But it wasn’t the friend she brought to church. No, this friend was super cool!! She told us up front that she wasn’t interested but we got to know her a bit and we learned that she’s actually got several things in her life that she wants to straighten out.

We talked about prayer and God talking to his children. We talked about receiving a spiritual confirmation that God exists and that Christ is the Savior of the world. And we talked of Christ and His atonement.

By the end of the rendez-vous she was very happy to have come. In fact, we’ll be seeing her again tomorrow!

As always, it was a great opportunity to share the truths we love so much. And it’s always a greater joy to see the change that takes place in others.

We’ve still got a lot more people to find here, but we know they’re out there. Our experiences this last week are just proof of that.

I can’t say I have much more to say than that. It’s been hot here! Last couple days have been around a hundred degrees. And I realize back home it’s like 117, but you’d be surprised what humidity does… And then, of course, there is no air conditioning. So you’re sleeping in sweat.

Elder Saul Marquez

P.S. We found a pet Pikachu!!

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