Long Week, the Small Opportunities

13 Aug

This has been a very charged week.

We spent all day on trains last Tuesday. I had to go back to Mantes to do my legality. There were some issues. So it didn’t get done. It reminded me of when I went to Angers last year for Elder Garcia’s legality and nothing got done. But don’t worry, we figured out the problems and as of this morning my paperwork has been submitted. Yay!

Well, then Elder Richer-Brulé was driving but turned too fast on a corner and the tire hit the corner of a sidewalk and got a huge hole in it. So we had to change the tire on the side of the road. Then the next day we went around looking for a Chevy dealer. Found one but they had no tires for us and told us to try somewhere else. So we went there and they said they couldn’t see us for weeks. And we had to return it the next day to the missionaries in Nivelles (that’s in Belgium–we only have the car one week in the transfer here). So we made some calls and it was determined that Nivelles would look into it after the switch.

So Friday morning we drove up to Belgium to return the car. My companion had to parallel park and one of the rules for us missionaries is that the other missionary has to be behind the car and help them back out. So I got outside and helped him between two cars. But he wasn’t watching very well. So when I said stop he didn’t see it. And he kept going. And I was between our car and a car behind me. And I had no chance. And everyone saw. And I screamed like a banshee. And there was an ambulance.

Ok, I didn’t scream. And there was no ambulance. And only a few people saw across the street. He kept backing up and he crushed my knee.

Now, you can imagine how this might hurt someone.

Well, it did hurt but not that bad. I was fine but my knee hurt a lot. Yesterday it stopped hurting and today I don’t feel anything there at all. So no worries. :)

Then we got on a train and went to Lille where we had district meeting. And after that, most of the week has been pretty normal.

Unfortunately we didn’t find too many new people and the people we had rendez-vous with canceled last minute or were no longer interested. Sad day. But all the time for finding has given us the chance to really practice on our technique. We’ve talked a lot about how we can get better in contacting and porting. We’ve seen some good results from doing such.

We even walked past one lady. Elder Richer-Brulé gave her a huge smile and she stopped in her tracks. Her eyes grew wide. They were filled with excitement. She had a the largest grin on her face. “You smiled at me!” she said. “People don’t smile anymore! Thank you so much. I’m so glad that there are still happy people in the world.”

We seemed to have made her day! And what a great and simple way to make others happy. Don’t forget that there’s an emoticon on your face too. :)

Last night we talked to a guy on his doorstep for a while. He doesn’t believe in God. He said it was too hard for him to believe because he was too scientific. We had a long and interesting discussion that touched on faith and prayers, the after life and trials. The spirit was really strong as we talked to him. There were moments where he even seemed to be trying to convince himself that God was there. In the end, he decided he couldn’t believe. But we left him with the Plan of Salvation pamphlet to which he responded, holding the pamphlet in the air, “I will read it!” And he had a large smile on his face and we left his house feeling good as we’re sure he entered his home feeling good too.

You see, when you share the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, you can’t help but feel good. Because what you’re sharing is good and true. You’re not alone in sharing it: the Spirit is there to touch the hearts of others. “If you feel the Spirit, then they feel the Spirit,” said Elder Teixeira at our conference a couple months ago. And the greatest joy is in watching the change that takes place in others; even if it lasts for only a moment on a door step at the end of a rainy night.

Look to bear your testimony. Ask God for the opportunities to do so. The occasion will come to the sincere seeker. You’ll feel a peace at heart because He will be with you.

Elder Saul Marquez

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  1. Michael Helvey

    August 13, 2012 at 1:57 pm

    I hope he is ok!


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