06 Aug

Well, I’ve survived another journey to a new ville. I had to buy a new suitcase because my old one was all torn up and basically dead. So that helped.

Wednesday was a weird day. I was in Paris for a while waiting for my new companion to come in. While there, I saw all of the dying missionaries. That was weird!! A huge group just went home and a good deal of them were good friends of mine in the mission. My old companions Elder Nelson and Elder Garcia, for instance, are GONE and HOME. And the Soeurs that were in the MTC with me went home too.

And then the new missionaries came in and a whole bunch of other missionaries came in and I realized that I hardly know anyone in the mission now. I’ve heard about this but I guess I still wasn’t ready for it. It’s just kind of weird to think that all those people who were in the mission when I came in are gone. And then it doesn’t help that I get to Valenciennes and I have members ask me how long I’ve been out and I say sixteen months and they say something to the effect of, “You’re almost done!!”

No, I’m not. I still have ’till April and that’s still a decent ways away.

Still, it’s kind of weird to think that today makes sixteen months. I went back and double counted yesterday. I’m as stupid as a peanut when it comes to math so I’m still not sure I added up right. But I’ve done the calculations and it seems to be that. Weird.

As for Valenciennes, it’s SOOO much different from Mantes. Practically everyone here is French. They have this nice new and clean tram that goes through the city. There are stores. And it’s clean. There isn’t pee on the chapel. It’s weird! Yesterday the bishop asked if I thought Valenciennes was pretty and I said yes. He laughed because he evidentally thinks it’s not. I replied, “I’ve spent the last six months in Mantes la Jolie, so it’s pretty.” And he was like, “Oh. Yeah, Valenciennes is pretty then.” Haha.

My companion’s name is Elder Richer-Brulé. He’s Francophone Canadian but he grew up speaking English too so he’s fluent in both. He’s in his third transfer and I’m his second companion. He’s a nice good little Canadian. He whistles as any good Canadian should whistle and has a wooden moose on his desk that I like to play with when he’s in the shower. He also has Canadian flags all over the place. I let him keep them up. But pretty soon I’ll be replacing them all with the Belge flag. I just need some thumb tacks.

We don’t have very many investigators here. Ok, we have like two. So we’re finding a lot. If you know anyone who lives here, feel free to send us the referral. ;) We already found one new investigator last week and we expect to keep finding more!

That’s about all I have to say. I hope your day is filled with magic and whimsy, eh.

Elder Saul Marquez

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