Stupid Bisous

16 Jul

We ended up finding three new investigators last week. Unfortunately we wanted to find seven, but oh well. We’ll just keep aiming high. :)

Some cool things happened this week. Here are just a couple very quickly:

A few weeks ago we contacted an American girl who moved to France to live with her boyfriend. She wasn’t interested in our message but she was very friendly. A couple weeks ago we contacted a man from Senegal. He was interested and so we setup a rendez-vous with him. We got to his apartment and guess who answered the door?

“Hey guys, I think you’re here to see my boyfriend.”

It was the American girl!

So that was cool. :D

This last week we also took some time to really pray to know where we could have gone to port. We decided on porting in a ville called Porcheville. We went there and about halfway through the neighborhood, a super nice family let us in. We taught them the Restoration and it went pretty well. They’re going on vacation, though, so we won’t be seeing them for a while. Although there was a super awkward moment at the end. As we were shaking their hands goodbye, the mom was like, “No, I don’t shake hands, I give bisous.” (A bisou is a cultural thing here in France. When you greet or part from a friend, you always kiss their cheeks. The Soeur missionaries can do it with other women. Us Elders can’t do it with anyone). She leaned in and I was like “Uhhhhh…..” And she stopped and we explained the rule and everyone felt super awkward afterwards. Fail. I dunno what I could have done to better the situation.

Stupid bisous.

So that’s just a bit of what happened here this last week. Unfortunately, we’re still having problems getting our investigators to progress. Hopefully we’ll see that change soon. We have the worst time getting them to Church!

Not much more than that.

Mischief Managed,
Elder Saul Marquez

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