Upon Burritos to the Beach

02 Jul

So Monday night we got a call from one of the members of our ward. He wanted to have a burrito fête at the church Wednesday night. And so we said we’d go.

But I didn’t get to eat burritos that night. :(

Instead I went on exchanges to a place called Le Havre, which is on the Northern coast of France. Normandiiieieeeeeieieieiee!!!!! But not so much the famous Normandie beaches that we always hear about. But they were still beaches…In Normandie. There was a neighborhood up on a cliff. We went porting there. I turned the corner and saw the OCEAN. I looked really really really hard and didn’t see England. Probably because Le Havre’s beaches don’t face England….

Le Havre was cool. It was very much different from regular old Mantes, so it was nice to experience a change for a day. We taught one of their recent converts which was a cool experience. She’d been investigating the church for a long time and finally decided to be baptized a few weeks ago. :)

Meanwhile, in Mantes, my companion and the other elder went to this burrito fête and apparently ended up paying for the whole thing. Bwahaha!!

Then Friday night, we went over to our ward mission leader’s house and he made a burrito fête!!! So I got to eat burritos and go to Le Havre. Yessss.

We also did missionary work this week–Hehe. We proposed baptismal dates for a couple of our investigators who we have been teaching for a while now. They’re all kind of hesitant right now. We’ve committed them to pray about the date, so we’ll see what happens. Something that seems to be coming up a lot with our investigators is the importance of praying. For whatever reason they all seem to be having issues when it comes to praying. I’ve always found prayer so simple so it’s hard to see why people have such a problem with it sometimes. But, of course, I’ve been doing it since I was young.

So we’re going to keep working there.

Apart from that, we’re seeing a lot more wizards than usual, particularly in Rouen. I’m suddenly on a quest to locate Beauxbatons.

Elder Saul Marquez

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Posted by on July 2, 2012 in Mission


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