18 Jun

Time goes by super super super super fast. It nearly didn’t even hit me this last week that the transfer was coming to an end. But it has come to an end and now I begin my TENTH transfer.

TEN TRANSFERS?! I remember coming into the mission and thinking that all of the missionaries who were in their tenth transfers were pretty old and experienced. Well, here I am and I don’t feel much different from when I was a blue (“greenie”). I have this feeling that I won’t feel much different when I reach sixteen either.

So what’s happening this transfer? I’m staying in Mantes. Again! This is now my fourth transfer here in Mantes, which will make SIX MONTHS here. I’ll have soon spent an entire quarter of my mission here. I spent that much in Brussels too, although I have to say, these last three transfers here seem to have been a lot faster than my first three in Brussels. I’m not sure why. Time is weird. I’m staying with Elder Andrus, so there really isn’t much change for us.

This last week we had a lot of rendez-vous scheduled but a good deal of them fell through. Sad week. But we still taught a nice bit–and to be honest, anything’s good after going through that period of not teaching at all! We did have, however, a rougher time finding new people to teach this last week. We’ll just keep pressing forward.

So let’s talk about breaking down walls.

When Elder Teixeira came to give us a training, I believe I wrote about how we were encouraged to break down our walls and do the what-we-thought-was-the-impossible. Well, last year President Poznanski set a goal for the mission. As a mission, he wanted us to find one-hundred new investigators every week. Some months ago, we hit that goal and we felt pretty good.

Then Elder Teixeira came. President re-evaluated the goal: 258 investigators a week. It’s quite the jump from one-hundred. But since our zone conference, we’ve seen many miracles as a mission and we’ve watched as we’ve become closer and closer. Two weeks ago, we found 127 new investigators. That was quite the surprise. We haven’t seen that much in a very long while.

Now are you ready for this last week’s?


It’s exciting to see the mission progress. What’s more, it’s rewarding to see how you’ve contributed to this effort. Of course, it’s not the number that matters. But it’s always exciting to see that there truly is and always will be work here in France. Often I think we as missionaries and others think that the European missions don’t find many people and don’t even baptise. But this isn’t true, and we’re seeing the proof of this more and more.

Thanks for your prayers. :)
Elder Saul Marquez

P.S. Thanks Sis Leroy for your kind letter! I got it this last week. :)

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