Frantic in Paris

14 May

Last Wednesday was transfer day! We headed down to Paris to found our new companions. It was very exhausting. I helped Elder Sorensen get to his new apartment in Paris and then we went to Gare de Lyon to find my new companion, Elder Andrus. But we couldn’t find him. So we went back to the visitor’s center (where most missionaries meet up with their new companions).

I was pretty worried because I wasn’t able to find my new companion. And I knew that he didn’t know Paris at all and that he had no phone. President Poznanski was there and he asked me where my companion was. I said, “somewhere in Paris!!” He just patted me on the back and said, “Good luck!”

Thanks, President.

Well, it turned out that their train hit somebody and so it was running late. He and another elder that he came down with found their way to the visitor’s center, though. So in the end, it all worked out.

Elder Andrus is a cool kid. He says that he liked to skateboard before the mission. He’s from Lindon(?), Utah. And he’s served in Mulhouse his whole mission thus far (he’s been out for six months).

So we’re having a good time here in Mantes. Yesterday we went porting and we ended up setting, like, five rendez-vous for this Wednesday with people who are interested. And we got let into a house the other day! :)

Apart from that, calls home were great. I was so happy to talk to my family (and Aunt Nancy!!!) And I even got to talk to my dad in Spanish which was fun haha. I have one more call to make on my mission….

And thus time goes by fast.
Elder Saul Marquez

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