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30 Apr

The last few weeks have been crazy and busy. We were in Paris for a couple of the last P-Days and we had to change our schedule around a few times too. Hence why I haven’t written in ages.

What did I miss writing about? Basically Elder Sorensen’s and my time with Elder Fourtina, the visa waiter that we trained. We went to the mission home last night and dropped him off. We were sad to say goodbye but we know that he’ll do many great things in his mission (the Ogden Utah Mission). He should be on a plane right now and by the time you read this, I imagine he’ll be checking in or already be settled into the MTC. He’ll be there for the next few weeks.

Now Elder Sorensen and I feel really weird. We’ve spent the last eleven weeks being in a trio and now we’re suddenly a regular equipe. The apartment feels empty. But oh well. We’ll get used to it soon.

Last week we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders. They both came down to Mantes to work with us. We split into two groups. Before doing so, we prayed specifically that each group would find a family to teach. Our group ported for a few hours but nobody let us in. At the end of the few hours, we called the other group for them to pick us up in the car. They didn’t answer. A few minutes later they called back. They had taught a lesson to a family. It was pretty cool but we still hadn’t. They said they’d be there in fifteen minutes. We decided to keep going down the street during that time. We got to the end of the street and knocked on the door.

We got in and taught a family. It was legit. It was nice to teach some lessons after going so many weeks without teaching anyone. We hope that we can keep it up. Tomorrow is a big holiday… From what I understand it was only invented to get out of work… (There are like ten holidays like that here). So people are home tomorrow. We got a few rendez-vous setup so we hope they’ll all go through.

Not much else. Apparently it’s already transfer week. I didn’t realize it, but we’ll get transfer news this Saturday. Time goes by toooooooo fast. I honestly didn’t realize that it was the last week of the transfer until yesterday. It still doesn’t quite feel like the last week. I guess we’ll see what happens!

Time plays tricks on my mind.
Elder Saul Marquez

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