God is Good

05 Mar

I already know that I’ll be doing injustice this week in trying to possibly relate everything that has happened. Because there’s been a lot. And I’m happy to say that they’re good things. :)

It started a week ago at church. A nine-year-old girl has been walking to church every Sunday for the last year or so. She wanted to get baptized a while ago but her parents hadn’t given the permission. Well, that Sunday the bishop turned to her and said, “How’d you feel about being baptized in fifteen days?” Her eyes grew huge and she waid, “WHAT?!” He then told her to talk to her parents about it.

Last week we got a call from her Mom. She wanted to talk to us. She’s known the bishop and the church for a while, ever since her daughter started attending but she goes to a different church. We talked with her and the father for a while. In the end, they gave her permission to be baptized. The whole time she was begging like any little girl would beg for a toy in a toy shop. We visited them last night with the bishop and the stake president of Paris, answered some concerns and got the written permission. So it looks like it’ll be happening. :)

The baptism is this Saturday in the Versailles chapel (we don’t have a fount in our small building). So we’re excited for that to happen. She is super excited and we know that her choice can make the largest difference in her and her family’s lives.

We’re, of course, still finding, finding, finding, though. But, at long last, we finally found someone who wants to meet with us. After a good three weeks of knocking doors and contacting, we finally found SOMEONE! A couple weeks ago, we contacted a Philipino girl who just moved to France. She didn’t know her phone number so we just gave her our card, our hopes kind of low. Thankfully, though, she gave us an email. We emailed her last week asking if she wanted to see us and asked her to contact us if she did. Saturday night we got a call from her. She wants to meet us tomorrow with a friend. :)

As for that Spanish girl who walked into church last week, the story isn’t over. We found out that she lives on the other side of Paris where they’re just happening to start a Spanish branch. So we passed her. But she came all the way to our church last Saturday night to a ward activity (a talent show, I played the piano haha). Talking to her, I found out that she used to go to church in Spain. She loved it and wanted to be baptized but her mom didn’t let her because the mom lives in Africa and doesn’t know the church. Well, she said that her mom should be visiting sometime this month, and so she’s going to bring her to church to see. She also said she wants to serve a mission someday. :) Anyway, she doesnt live in our area, but she comes into Mantes for the weekends and has an aunt who lives by the church. We’re crossing our fingers.

Our ward was only recently a branch. It became a ward last December. So yesterday was its first Ward Conference. I thought about how cool it was that we got to be part of that, their FIRST conference. More so, in the context of the Paris temple, how blessed I am to be here to witness the Church growing in France. It’s honestly a blessing to be part of such an amazing work.

I think the biggest blessing comes from seeing the change people make when they decide to make that covenant with the Lord and be baptized.

Today I opened my emails to see the mission newsletter. There’s a part where it shows a list of the past weekend’s baptisms.

I saw the names of the two people Elder Smith and I taught in Brussels under that list. The family that dropped their baptism just the night before. They got baptized this past weekend. It makes me so happy.

I remember the mother would always say, after we would finish teaching something, “Dieu est bon.” God is good.

That is so true.

When you consider the simplicity and beauty behind the gospel, how can you ever say that it is not true?

Elder Saul Marquez

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