So Cold

06 Feb

It’s been so cold lately. It snowed again and it was just DEATH!! It was -10° C the other day. I was dying. I just can’t handle the cold! I’ve never realized how nice Arizona actually is! I bought myself a beanie but everyone told me that I looked like a robber thug… Oh well. I found it in the Euro store.

This last week was good, although basically every single rendez-vous that we setup fell through. People just not showing up or answering their phones. :( That and then Elder Smith went to the hospital the other day to get his ankle checked. He hurt it a couple weeks ago playing basketball. They didn’t tell him what was wrong with it but instead gave him some medicine for whoknowswhat. And then I had Leadership Training in Paris. It was a long, long day. I ended up carrying two giant boxes of Book of Mormons from the church to the metro to the train station. They were so heavy. I about died at least ten times. People kept looking at me saying, “Bon courage!” which is a lot like, “Good luck!” Oh boy.

But the zone leaders had another baptism this last week. We were all rushing to get it setup last second… It was cold water. Curse the European heating systems! But in the end it all somehow worked out. Elder Smith and I have our two baptisms this upcoming week. We’re very excited!!! We’re hoping it’ll go smoother than this last one did haha.

Ah, and then we’ll be reaching the end of the transfer again. Time goes by so fast. I keep telling myself I’m staying here. But then something tells me no. So we’ll see. Either way, it’s been a good six months here in Brussels. And I’ve been blessed to see so many miracles here.

Elder Saul Marquez

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