Brussels, Month 6

02 Jan


There’s been a lot going on. A couple of those things aren’t appropriate to publish on the internet or tell everyone. But just know that this last weekend has been a bit hectic haha.

It’s that time again: NEW TRANSFERS!! This last transfer went by so fast. This begins transfer six for me! That makes ten more transfers left…. That’s a lot, but I feel like it’s going to go by way too fast. And, of course, the things that mark the beginning of every new transfer are transfers!

*Drum roll*

I’m staying in Brussels!! Nope, I’m not leaving, and that’ll now make four transfers here in Brussels. Which means six months in Brussels. Which means that an entire quarter of my mission will be spent here in Brussels. How time goes by!

But surely I don’t get it that easy. There’s a reason why this weekend has been so hectic. I’m moving apartments! Due to a series of unfortunate events, basically everyone in Brussels is moving apartments save the Zone Leaders. We are going to the heart of Brussels (not too far from Parc Cinquantenaire, or the Brussels Arches) to live in the four man apartment with the zone leaders. That means a new address, so pay attention to the right side of the screen for the new details. That way!→

So this weekend has been filled with lots and lots of packing. Not just packing our regular luggage, but also our area books and materials as well.

And I was going to write more. But I just got a call that the senior couple is on their way to our apartment now to pick up our stuff.

Elder Marquez, peacing out.

PS – I was gonna say, I came across Mark 5:36. Go read that. :)
“Be not afraid, only believe.”

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