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Pilli Pilli

I’m once again low on time to write. But I thought I’d share a funny experience.

A member named Marco likes to cook us chicken all the time. He always puts in an African spice called Pilli Pilli.

“Elder Marquez does not like the Pilli Pilli!! HAHA!!”

He says that every week haha. (I actually don’t mind it. I’ve gotten to the point where I can eat spicy food and even sometimes enjoy it).

Anyway, he cooks the chicken with the Pilli Pilli. But you’re not supposed to eat the Pilli Pilli. Well, I took a bit and the next thing I knew, my mouth was on FIRE. And then my throat. And then my stomach. Everyone said that my face turned purple instead of red hahahaha. So it burned forever. And so I ate some oranges, hoping that the juice inside would calm it down. But instead the acid in the oranges just made it worse.

And now I really don’t like the Pilli Pilli.

The funny thing was, we went to one of our investiagtor with the baptismal date’s house. She was there along with her entire family (cousins and everyone). We asked her if Pilli Pilli comes from Africa.

“Pilli Pilli?! Il faut pas manger!!” YOU MUST NOT EAT IT!! “You will kill yourself!”

So then I told them that I ate it that morning. And. They. Laughed. SO. HARD.


Oh boy.

Lesson learned: Don’t eat African spices that old Peruvian men named Marco give you.

Elder Saul Marquez

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Short and Boring

Sorry for not getting a post out last week.

The Zone Leaders had their baptism over a week ago now. Not many people from the ward showed up, but it was a nice, small baptism. The Spirit was very strong there and his testimony and story are very strong and inspiring.

This week has been very tiring. We schedueled several rendezvous with potential investigators but none of them went through, save one guy who laughed really hard when we explained that the Book of Mormon is a history of the Ancient Americas. That wasn’t the best experience ever.

But things are pretty good. Time goes by fast and I’m always amazed by that. Here we go, Week Four! And the great thing is that we’ll be finishing the transfer off with two baptisms! A lady and her daughter (they’re from Congo!) that we started teaching last transfer will be baptized on the Eleventh. They’re a solid and great family. We did a Family Home Evening with them this past week. We played Uno and the mom got so into it. It was her first time playing. Every time she would put down a “draw four card,” she would yell, “BON APPETITE!!” Haha it was too funny.

So thar you go. Sorry for the short, boring post.

Hope you have a good week. :)

And that’s… the REST of the story!
Elder Marquez

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The Fourteenth

A year or so ago, fourteen young men, living in a refugee center, met with the missionaries in Greece.  They were taught and accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ and then soon after agreed to be baptized.  However, being in a refugee center, they weren’t necessarily in control of where they lived.  In fact, about a week before their baptism, all fourteen of them were transferred to different refugee centers throughout Europe.  They weren’t baptized.

Two of them went to Caen, a city in the Normandie sector of France.  There they prayed to meet the missionaries in their new home.  No sooner had they arrived when they got off the metro to find two elders standing right in front of them.  The two were baptized and are now members of the Church of Jesus Christ.  It was a miracle within the France Paris Mission.
That was nearly a year ago.
A week ago, the Brussels zone leaders were out contacting.  They stopped a man and asked him if he would be interested in learning about our church.  He was.  He gave them the location of a refugee center.  He told them to meet him there.  When the zone leaders arrived, they began teaching.  The man liked it so much that he asked them to teach everyone in the refugee center!
“How about you bring three friends this Saturday and we’ll teach them instead?” said one of the elders.
Saturday came and they arrived at the refugee center.  They met with the man they had already taught once before.  However, this time, he was accompanied by a friend.
“I know who you are,” said the friend.  “I met the missionaries in Greece.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith is a prophet.”
One of the zone leaders knew what this meant.  He had heard the story of the two other refugees that had been baptized in Caen the year before.  After asking a few questions, he realized that this man was one of the fourteen that had been taught in Greece.  He was one of the fourteen that was supposed to be baptized.
And this is where it gets cool.
Asking more questions, they learned that this man is still in contact with the other thirteen.  It seems that all fourteen, no matter where in Europe they were sent, were found and baptized by the missionaries–save the one that had just been found.  That would make him the fourteenth.
That was two days ago.  The baptism is this Saturday.
Yesterday I met this man at church.
“The Plan of Salvation!” he said.  “I read it this morning.”
He pointed to a pamphlet he had tucked in between the pages of the Book of Mormon.
“What do you think about it?” I asked.
“It is true!” he said simply.
And the more I think about this story, the more and more I see the evidence that the Plan of Salvation is true.  The Lord knows and cares for his children.  He watches over and protects them.  He sends them where He knows they should be–whether they be missionaries, refugees or just someone walking on the street.  We are all children of a loving Heavenly Father.
What a neat experience for the zone leaders. :)
Elder Saul Marquez
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Brussels, Month 6


There’s been a lot going on. A couple of those things aren’t appropriate to publish on the internet or tell everyone. But just know that this last weekend has been a bit hectic haha.

It’s that time again: NEW TRANSFERS!! This last transfer went by so fast. This begins transfer six for me! That makes ten more transfers left…. That’s a lot, but I feel like it’s going to go by way too fast. And, of course, the things that mark the beginning of every new transfer are transfers!

*Drum roll*

I’m staying in Brussels!! Nope, I’m not leaving, and that’ll now make four transfers here in Brussels. Which means six months in Brussels. Which means that an entire quarter of my mission will be spent here in Brussels. How time goes by!

But surely I don’t get it that easy. There’s a reason why this weekend has been so hectic. I’m moving apartments! Due to a series of unfortunate events, basically everyone in Brussels is moving apartments save the Zone Leaders. We are going to the heart of Brussels (not too far from Parc Cinquantenaire, or the Brussels Arches) to live in the four man apartment with the zone leaders. That means a new address, so pay attention to the right side of the screen for the new details. That way!→

So this weekend has been filled with lots and lots of packing. Not just packing our regular luggage, but also our area books and materials as well.

And I was going to write more. But I just got a call that the senior couple is on their way to our apartment now to pick up our stuff.

Elder Marquez, peacing out.

PS – I was gonna say, I came across Mark 5:36. Go read that. :)
“Be not afraid, only believe.”

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