Noël en Paris

12 Dec

I don’t have much time to write this week. :( But Christmas Conference in Paris was really, really nice. A year ago they had a mission-wide one in Versailles. I know that President Poznanski tried to do that again this year but didn’t get permission. But they did their best to make this last one very special. And it was!

Apparently President Poznanski sent a message to all of our parents, asking them to send letters to us for conference. During the conference, they passed out stockings for each equipe. I was so happy to find a surprise letter from my Mom inside!! What a blessing. It’s honestly been something I need in the last week. Things have been tough and I’m feeling super, super, super tired, stressed and exhausted. But I’m always reminded of the support I have back home, especially from my family.

I also know that I have support from above. President and Soeur Poznanski also gave us these chalkish plate thingies (nice description haha). We wrote our worries on the plate’s surface. Then they gave us a nail. We started scratching off the things we wrote and as we scratched those away, we slowly uncovered a small object buried beneath the chalky substance. Some of us found little glass stars, others little glass shells. For me, I found a little glass heart. We talked about how in our toughest moments, we can always turn to the Lord for help. We start out as pale, chalky plates, but as we work away our problems and worries, we become something beautiful and special.

It’s Better to Look Up!
Elder Saul Marquez

Also, I FINALLY got Sister York’s letter. :)  Merci bien.

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