Bruxelles and Updates

05 Dec

Brussels is Bruxelles in French. :)

So not much to update on here. Apparently I’m not supposed to do Spanish work anymore because one of the new elders here in Brussels is basically fluent and so he speaks it loads better than I do.  A week ago I went into my first rendez-vous without Elder Garcia to speak Spanish (my new companion, Elder Smith, doesn’t speak Spanish at all) and I told myself, “Well, Saulito, good luck. You can do it.” And I went in there and I SPOKE SPANISH SIN PROBLEMA!!!! Ok. Obviously not perfect Spanish, but I we were honestly communicating without any problems or roadblocks. They were like, “You didn’t speak this much when Elder Garcia was here!” It was cool.

So that made me sad that they said no more. :'( But they at least told me that I could keep teaching the people I already teach.

Last Wednesday we had a cool experience. Earlier in the week I found a list of people I had made the transfer before. It was people from the area book that neither Elder Garcia nor I knew. But I never got around to calling them last transfer. So I decided to call a few of them up last week. We were able to set one rendez-vous there with a less active family that used to have the missionaries over but lost contact with them.

Wednesday night we went out to visit them. They were excited to have missionaries over again! They told us that it had been a year since they last saw the missionaries. Wow! And then during dinner, they mentioned how they (the parents) were baptized, but their daughter wasn’t. And the daughter is, like, nineteen or eighteen years old. We started teaching right there! Haha. And the daughter said that she would like us to come back and teach some more. The parents seem to want her baptized. We also need to reactive the parents too, of course. But they’re a legit family and we hope to teach them some more soon. We should be seeing them again on Wednesday. Only thing is…. They speak Spanish. So we might have to pass them over. Oh well. We all work for the same team.

And that’s mostly it. We’re going to Paris tomorrow for zone conference, so hopefully I’ll get to see some Christmas-Paris. I hope, at least. They decorated Brussels, so I hope they do Paris too!

Hasta Luego!
Elder Saul Marquez

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