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It Snows in Brussels!!

It started Friday night. It was raining as it has been all week. We were on our way to a rendez-vous when we passed an electric sign that read 1°.

“Just one more degree and it’s snow,” I said to Elder Smith.

We got to our rendez-vous and we started talking with the family when giant white globs of frozen death bombs started falling from the sky. La Nieve. Or La Neige. Dun dun dun.

We ran outside, tried to catch the snow on our tongues and then our hands froze. It hurt.

And then I walked home and I kept trying not to slip on the sidewalk. I made it without injury.

Then we went to Parc Cinquentenaire to play football. There was snow on the field but we still played. I kept slipping but I thankfully didn’t fall.

And then yesterday it rained and then it slushed and then it snowed and then the clouds were gone and the snow melted.

And then last night we walked around Brussels to go sing Christmas carols to members. And it started again. Giant white death bombs of frozen fury. They landed on my head and it was cold and I said, “What kind of magic is this?” And then I looked up and noticed that I was at the European Union. Mother Nature doesn’t respect the European Union. She snows on the European Union.

And then. And then. And then.


So, yes, it snows in Brussels! I’m not convinced I like the snow yet. It’s awfully cold outside and even though them Arizona summers are stinking hot, at least I’m not being attacked by those white globs of frozen fury! But at the same time… it is pretty cool. The first night it snowed, there was a weird color outside the window. All the light from the street lamps was reflecting off the snow that was falling and that was on the ground. It was pretty legit!!

Christmas is coming up! It’s going to be weird spending it away from family, but I’m excited all the same. Our mission President said THAT WE CAN WATCH A DISNEY CARTOON FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! :,,,,)

*Angelic chorus*

We shall be watching TOY STORY 3 with the bishop’s family Christmas Eve. Wooo!!!!!! (As we eat good old Portugeuse food, mind you. I’ve come to realize that they know how to eat well in Portugal!) Christmas morning I’ll be going to church for an hour and then I’ll get to call home. I’m especially excited for that. :D And then maybe a “chillaxing” Christmas dinner with the rest of the missionaries. We shall see.

But I wish everyone a Joyeux Noël! And I want to say thanks for all the stuff I got for Christmas from the Hansens and the letters I got from the young women back home. You are all awesome. :)

And, of course, don’t forget that it’s not Xmas. It’s CHRISTmas! So make it that.

I won’t be home for Christmas,
Elder Saul Marquez


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Noël en Paris

I don’t have much time to write this week. :( But Christmas Conference in Paris was really, really nice. A year ago they had a mission-wide one in Versailles. I know that President Poznanski tried to do that again this year but didn’t get permission. But they did their best to make this last one very special. And it was!

Apparently President Poznanski sent a message to all of our parents, asking them to send letters to us for conference. During the conference, they passed out stockings for each equipe. I was so happy to find a surprise letter from my Mom inside!! What a blessing. It’s honestly been something I need in the last week. Things have been tough and I’m feeling super, super, super tired, stressed and exhausted. But I’m always reminded of the support I have back home, especially from my family.

I also know that I have support from above. President and Soeur Poznanski also gave us these chalkish plate thingies (nice description haha). We wrote our worries on the plate’s surface. Then they gave us a nail. We started scratching off the things we wrote and as we scratched those away, we slowly uncovered a small object buried beneath the chalky substance. Some of us found little glass stars, others little glass shells. For me, I found a little glass heart. We talked about how in our toughest moments, we can always turn to the Lord for help. We start out as pale, chalky plates, but as we work away our problems and worries, we become something beautiful and special.

It’s Better to Look Up!
Elder Saul Marquez

Also, I FINALLY got Sister York’s letter. :)  Merci bien.

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Bruxelles and Updates

Brussels is Bruxelles in French. :)

So not much to update on here. Apparently I’m not supposed to do Spanish work anymore because one of the new elders here in Brussels is basically fluent and so he speaks it loads better than I do.  A week ago I went into my first rendez-vous without Elder Garcia to speak Spanish (my new companion, Elder Smith, doesn’t speak Spanish at all) and I told myself, “Well, Saulito, good luck. You can do it.” And I went in there and I SPOKE SPANISH SIN PROBLEMA!!!! Ok. Obviously not perfect Spanish, but I we were honestly communicating without any problems or roadblocks. They were like, “You didn’t speak this much when Elder Garcia was here!” It was cool.

So that made me sad that they said no more. :'( But they at least told me that I could keep teaching the people I already teach.

Last Wednesday we had a cool experience. Earlier in the week I found a list of people I had made the transfer before. It was people from the area book that neither Elder Garcia nor I knew. But I never got around to calling them last transfer. So I decided to call a few of them up last week. We were able to set one rendez-vous there with a less active family that used to have the missionaries over but lost contact with them.

Wednesday night we went out to visit them. They were excited to have missionaries over again! They told us that it had been a year since they last saw the missionaries. Wow! And then during dinner, they mentioned how they (the parents) were baptized, but their daughter wasn’t. And the daughter is, like, nineteen or eighteen years old. We started teaching right there! Haha. And the daughter said that she would like us to come back and teach some more. The parents seem to want her baptized. We also need to reactive the parents too, of course. But they’re a legit family and we hope to teach them some more soon. We should be seeing them again on Wednesday. Only thing is…. They speak Spanish. So we might have to pass them over. Oh well. We all work for the same team.

And that’s mostly it. We’re going to Paris tomorrow for zone conference, so hopefully I’ll get to see some Christmas-Paris. I hope, at least. They decorated Brussels, so I hope they do Paris too!

Hasta Luego!
Elder Saul Marquez

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