21 Nov
The APs (assistants to the president) and President also use Friday to call up missionaries who are going to be serving as APs, Zone Leaders, Trainers, District Leaders and Office Elders.  And with nineteen new missionaries coming in this transfer, everyone was nervous that they’d be training.
So we used this to our advantage.
Elder Dykstra, one of the other elders here in Brussels, called us up early Friday morning.
“I changed your name on our phone to Paris Assistants!  Call us in five minutes and act like you’re them.  Tell Elder Zysk that he’s training!”
“Elder Marquez, you need to act like you’re Elder Hall!”  Elder Garcia gave me the phone.
“I can’t do an Elder Hall voice!”
“But you can do it better than I can!  I’ll be Elder Duarte!”
So we called them up and… yes, I did an Elder Hall voice, in a really goofy, silly voice that sounded nothing like Elder Hall’s voice.
“Hi, is this Elder Zysk?  Hey this is Elder Hall and Elder Duarte.  How are you doing?  Well, we just thought you’d like to know that the Lord has seen you fit to train!  How do you feel about that?  Good?  Ok?  Great!  We need you to be here in Versailles around ten on Wednesday to pick up your new blue!”
Oh boy.  He bought it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!  And then we told him the truth later in the day and we all got a good laugh.
And then I got a call.  And I wasn’t laughin’ no more.
“Hi, Elder Marquez, this is Elder Hall!”
I’ve been called District Leader!  And I’m not going to lie, I’m a tad nervous.  Especially since I’m the youngest in the district and district meetings have to be in French and my French is still barely budding.  So we will see how it goes.  Wish me luck!
Anyway, a lot of other changes are being made this transfer.  The biggest is that my companion, Elder Garcia is leaving!!  He’s basically only served in Brussels because there are so few Spanish speakers in the mission.  So after a year of working here, he is moving to Luxembourg and he couldn’t be happier (especially because his brother served there when he was on his mission back when Luxembourg belonged to Geneva).  And basically everyone in Brussels is getting moved.  In our ward only one of the sisters and I are staying.  So Brussels is going to feel sooo different!  My new companion is an Elder Smith.  I’ve heard that he’s really nice.  Don’t know much else.  But I’m pretty sure he doesn’t speak Spanish so I’m guessing that this marks the end of Spanish speaking missionaries in the France Paris Mission.  That’s too bad.  Not confirmed but that’s what it looks like.
So I guess on Wednesday Elder Zysk (because he is also staying) and I will be helping the new missionaries into Brussels since everyone else is leaving!
So the last couple days and the next few days will be Elder Garcia saying goodbye to all the people he’s known for a year.  It’s pretty sad.  But I guess that’s the way the mission goes.  We get taken away from people we love to find new people to love, I guess.  And unlike friends and family that I left back home, I know that once you leave an area there will be certain people you’ll never see again.
And now that I think about it, when am I ever coming back to Europe?!  Coming here used to be a dream of mine, but I wasn’t ever really sure it would happen!  Hmm…  I had that thought the other day too as I was walking through the European Union.
With all due respect,
Elder Saul Marquez
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