The Week of Slow

07 Nov

This week has honestly been pretty slow. I noticed that we did a lot more member work than anything, which I think is pretty good because President is always telling us that we need to “break the walls” with the members. And I really like working with members anyway.

As for investigators, none seem to really be progressing. They either cancel our rendez-vous or don’t show up to church. It’s a bit frustrating. Elder Garica and I had a good planning session for the week to talk about areas where we could do better. We’re going to clean up a lot of the “little things” that you might not think make a difference but do. :) And we’ve planned more finding…

This week we’ll be having Zone Conference. It’ll be in France in a city called Lille. It’s supposed to last from ten to five–aye!!! We’ll see how it goes. Elder Kopischke, one of the area authorities will be there to give us a training. Hope it goes well!

The most memorable event this week has been coming back home from an open house we had last Saturday. Elder Garcia and I were on the metro when these two drunk guys got on. They saw our plaques and, of course, couldn’t keep their mouths shut. They started singing about Jesus and making fun of us. It got to the point where at least half the people on the metro were laughing at us. Then they started asking us questions but we wouldn’t respond.

Some guy on the other side of the metro yelled out, “Ils parlent pas Français!” They don’t speak French. “They speak English! They’re from America, they’ve been here for a long time!”

So then one of the drunks started trying to talk to me in English but I just acted like I didn’t understand anything he was saying in French or English.

“Where are you from?” he asked. I didn’t want to say America, not because I don’t love my country, but honestly because I didn’t want them getting on our case for being American.

And I also wanted a good laugh.

“Tahiti,” I said. Hahaha.

“TAHITI!!!!” he yelled. And then he started singing about Tahiti. And then he touched Elder Garcia on the shoulder and Elder Garcia got mad and said, “Don’t touch me.”

The drunk got angry, got up and left. The end.

Tahiti. Hehe.
Elder Saul Marquez

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