31 Oct

It’s orange everywhere!!!! Saturday when we went to the famous Brussels arches (Parc Cinquantenaire) to play football I was totally shocked by how all the trees were just orange. Obviously we get that back in Arizona but this place is just so much more green (or orange and yellow now) that I was stunned. It is so cool and beautiful. I guess I hadn’t experienced a real fall until now haha.

Speaking of which, yesterday was my first daylight savings!!! Wooo!!!! It made no difference in my life.

Well, my birthday was pretty great. Saturday when we went to play football, one of the sisters brought me a CAKE! She made it completely homemade. It was SO GOOD. And the best was that it was shaped and fashioned into a golden snitch from Harry Potter. It was so awesome. I forgot to take a picture of it. But she said she took a picture of it. So I’ll have to get it from her so you can all see. It was super cool. That was super super nice of her. I know it took her a lot of time. Thank you, Soeur Turney. :)

Then Saturday night we had the ward Halloween Party which was a ton of fun. I ate a hanging donut with no hands. I failed but it made for a good laugh anyway hahaha. It was nice getting to talk and hang out with the members. Unfortunately none of our recent converts, less actives or investigators showed up. We’ll just have to keep working with them.

Yesterday (the day of my actual birthday) at church, one of the members went to the American base and gave us a bunch of American groceries!!!! That was so nice of her and so just that made my day. And then we had a good dinner with one of our investigators last night.

So no complaints. Pretty simple and fun. Still did some work.

I have to say thanks to my family (especially Uncle Robbie’s and Aunt Lorie’s family) for deciding to throw a birthday party back home without me. HAHAHAHAA. But I was super happy to get all of your email messages and the video this morning. It means a lot to me and I miss you all. I was also happy to get all the Facebook comments forwarded to me. I sure miss my friends–thanks for thinking of me. :) And, of course, thanks to my parents and grandparents for their packages.

I’m twenty years old now! That’s weird. I kept getting asked yesterday if I feel any different?

Nope. Haha. Big changes don’t seem to come all in one instant, but they seem to be more gradual. But since starting my mission, I think I have changed slightly. I’m still the same person, of course, but my testimony has grown so much more. I thought I had a strong testimony before my mission. I was so wrong. It just keeps getting stronger and stronger. I had no idea that it could keep growing. Testimonies are eternal and infinite. They last forever and they continue to grow forever. There’s something great about this work. I can’t explain it. But it’s just good. It’s tiring, it hurts, it’s hard, it’s frustrating, it’s happy one moment and sad the next. It’s a mix of emotions. It’s a big test. But it seems to be that when we put our testimony and weaknesses to that test, that’s when those trials become experience and those weakness become our strengths. :)

“Testimony is as elusive as a moonbeam; it’s as fragile as an orchid; you have to recapture it every morning of your life” (Harold B. Lee). President Staheli shared that one with us before he left.
Elder Saul Marquez

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