17 Oct

I watched a movie. In a movie theater.

It was awesome. It. Was. A. Miracle.

So one of the members in our ward is into film making and I guess did the French subtitles for the pioneer movie 17 Miracles by T.C. Christensen (I think he did Errand of Angels…?) Anyway, he rented out a whole theater so the entire ward and their friends could watch the movie with the French subtitles. Being part of the ward we were invited, but we, of course, used it as an opportunity to invite some of our investigators and less actives to a ward activity. None of the less actives who said they would come came, but thankfully one of our good investigators showed up along with her nephew and niece. Yay! :D

So I got to watch a movie. In a movie theater. Legit. :) Not that we don’t watch movies at all. The First Presidency gave all the missionaries DVD players, but we get tired of watching The Testaments and Legacy all the time. You know it’s bad when you’ve got the church-produced movies memorized. “That’s my son, Johnny!” “The Messiah has come, stay here!” “You are a specter from the gods!” “And there is no… [dramatic] MESSIAH!” I even know it in French, “Et n’il y a PAS… [dramatic] MESSIE!”


But 17 Miracles was AMAZING! It’s already been out and available for some time back home in the States so I don’t know if everyone has seen it yet or not. But is follows the story of the Willie handcart company and some of the truly amazing miracles that happened along the trail. Seriously, some of those stories are amazing. We couldn’t stop talking about them afterward. Not only that, but I also felt that old appreciation for the pioneers that I hadn’t felt since the Pioneer Trek I did back in 2007. It was very cool and very inspiring. Also very sad (pretty much every member admitted to crying haha). But super super cool. If you get the chance, make sure you see it.

I’ve thought a lot about miracles. I’ve seen many both small and large here on the mission and I’ve heard of many back home. They exist in deeds, words, people and circumstances. They are true blessings from our Heavenly Father.

The thing that was interesting about that day was that I just happened to be, by coincidence, reading about miracles in Jesus the Christ during my personal study some hours before the movie. James E. Talmage began by discussing the miracle that Christ performed at the wedding and then went on to discuss the possibility of miracles. He said something very interesting.

“In the contemplation of the miracles wrought by Christ, we must of necessity recognize the operation of a power transcending our present human understanding. In this field, science has not yet advanced far enough to analyze and explain. To deny the actuality of miracles on the ground that, because we cannot comprehend the means, the reported results are fictitious, is to arrogate to the human mind the attribute of omniscience, by implying that what man cannot comprehend cannot be, and that therefore he is able to comprehend all that is” (James E. Talmage, Jesus the Christ p. 149).

Elder Saul Marquez

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