RIP Steve Jobs

10 Oct

RIP Steve Jobs. Thanks for the iPod. You were my marketing hero. :(

Friday was pretty legit. The Zone Leader’s investigator was baptized and we were all there to see it. It was very cool and he was very happy! Yesterday before church, we were waiting in front when that investigator, one of our investigators and her nephew, a less active member we taught and then our investigator who was baptized all walked in at once. It was pretty cool to see the “fruits of our labor” all come in at once. And then during sacrament meeting the two investigators who were baptized were confirmed. :D

Apart from that, this past week marked my SIX MONTHS!! It’s really weird. I’m a quarter of the way done. It feels slow in the moment but then when I look back at what I’ve done it feels like it’s gone by fast. It’s a weird feeling. Sometimes it feels like this mission is going to go by soooo fast and other times it feels like it’s going to be soooo slow. But whether or not it goes fast or slow, it goes. And now I’m entering into my fourth transfer. I’m staying here in Brussels with Elder Garica, yay! Unfortunately, though, a lot of the other people here in Brussels are leaving. One elder, for example, is dying this transfer. He’s awesome and we’re already missing him even though he’s still here for another couple days. Some of the Soeurs(Sister/lady missionaries) are leaving too. So it’s going to be a bit different next transfer.

I’ve really come to like Brussels. I remember one missionaries in my first transfer saying that when you’re in Brussels, it’s like being part of a big family, whereas the Paris missionaries are more like good friends. Well, having been in the Paris area and now being in Brussels, I feel the same way! These people are awesome and I’m going to miss them loads! I’m sure I’ll see some of them again eventually. But then again our mission is HUGE.

So we’ll see how this transfer goes. President Poznanski has changed a lot of things in the mission. Like, BIG changes. No Soeurs(sister missionaries) in Paris, for example. It’s weird to imagine Paris without the sisters. And a bunch of other changes in zones and districts. People younger in the mission than me are training this transfer and some who are barely older then me are shooting up to district leader and zone leader. Things are definitely being run a lot differently from when we had President Staheli. I’m sure all will work out in the end though.

And that’s the rest of the story!
Elder Saul Marquez

Tell Grandma and Grandpa I say hi and that I miss the Halloween decorations.  Those decorations are always my favorite part of Halloween, going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house with the family.  It’s the best!

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One response to “RIP Steve Jobs

  1. Michael Wach

    October 16, 2011 at 11:59 pm

    Elder Marquez:

    i stumbled across your blog (enjoyed reading parts of it even though I have never met you!!) looking for information about the Brussels/Netherlands mission. Best I could tell, on July 1, 2011 Brussels became part of the Paris, France Mission.

    Anyway, I am in the bishopric in my Ward here in California (Rancho Cucamonga) and I have a friend, Derick O’Campo, about 27, who is inactive, but has been reading the Book of Mormon recently. I used to be his Teacher’s Quorum adviser over 10 years ago. Anyway, to make a long story short, I am trying to get him in contact with the Church in Brussels. I don’t know what part of Brussels he is in, but he told me that the contact info. he had for the church didn’t pan out and he asked me for my help.

    It would be great for him to meet the missionaries and be able to go back to church. He has been inactive for several years, but I think he is at a crossroads where he’d like to come back.

    Is there a phone number for a missionary or a member of the church that he could call in Brussels to find his way back? If you can email it to me, I’d pass it along to him.


    Bro. Michael Wach

    P.S. Keep up your great service in Belgium!!


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