The Promised Land!

05 Sep

Or so they call it. Because apparently Belgium does good with baptisms.

Anyway, last Wednesday was a bit weird for me. Went to Paris early to go and pick up my replacement, Elder Gull. Then went back to the apartment. I watched him move into my desk, my closet, my bed… I felt invaded. And then later that night we went back to Paris to pick up my new companion Elder Garcia. From there, we hopped on a train and were off to Brussels!! We got there at like ten at night. We spent the night at the Zone Leader apartment. The next day we ran a few errands with the zone leaders and then went to our apartment on the other side of Brussels. And that was that. Kind of hectic but fun.

Elder Garcia is cool. He speaks super good French and flawless Spanish because he grew up speaking Spanish. He’s from El Paso, Texas and he’s been out for about a year.  He’s a nice guy and he works hard.

As for me: ALL OF MY SPANISH IS GONE. All of it. I can’t even say Hola. I always say Bonjour. I can’t even say “Soy de Arizona.” I have to say “Je suis d’Arizona.” What is up with that? Five years of Spanish gone in five months. I speak French SO much better than I do Spanish now. What the quack.

So apart from not understanding a word that our investigators say, life is good.  I work in Louise which is just part of Brussels. Brussels is BEAUTIFUL. It is SO much cleaner than Paris. And green… And pretty. I don’t know if I like one better than the other I love both of them, but I really like it here.  I’m not going to lie: I love Brussels. A lot. The ward(congregation) is a bit confusing, though haha. Half speak French, half speak English. Then there’s the Spanish speakers. And then translators. I’ll get used to it after a while, I suppose.

But I was sad to leave Meaux.  I love that place even though it was hard.

Aside from that, there’s really not much to say. Sorry this is such a short email. We’ve only been here for a few days. Elder Garcia has worked here before so we’ve just been passing by his old investigators so far. We’re going to see where everyone is at and then get to work. This week might be a bit hard. We have to go back to France because he has a legality appointment. In Cholet. Which is by Angers (which is pronounced Ahn-jay, not angers) which is far. So we’ll be spending a couple days in France. I’ll be rooming with my old MTC buddy, Elder Cheel! Woot! :D

Oh yeah, apparently Kings James Bible was translated here in Brussels.  And I know Elder Oaks or someone quoted Tyndale last conference.  All of that took place in this city.  Super cool!

Hope everyone’s doing good!
Elder Saul Marquez

PS – We saw Miss Brussels in Brussels the other day haha.

PPS – Emm… I still didn’t send my letters. I wanted to last Monday or Wednesday when we had time but nobody wanted to go to the Post with me. Elder Garcia said we can do it today, though. Sorry. :[

PPPS – Kebabs are amazing. French fries are great (this is where fries come from). Gonna eat a Gaufre today.

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