Hate the Humidity, Love Baptismal Dates! :)

22 Aug

Real quick, I have a pile of letters on my desk that I’ve written to people who have written me. I was going to send them last week but now the transfer is ending and it’s possible that I could leave in a week so I’m holding off until I find out for sure. Sorry! :)

That’s cool James got his mission call.  Wish him luck for me!

So it’s gotten super hot here this last week. It’s not Quite Arizona hot, but the thing that makes it so bad is the humidity. It was a pain walking to church the other day in a suit. I was drenched because it was so humid. And, of course, air conditioning doesn’t exist in this country. So stinkin hot and humid.

Anyway, we went back out to Château Thierry and found even more American memorials and even cemeteries than we had before. We found out that they’re memorials from World War I. I guess there was some crazy attack from the Germans in that area.

While we were out there, we met with an investigator who was passed onto us from the elder who used to work there. She’s a 13 year old girl who’s been investigating the church for a year or so now. She’s ready to be baptized so we’ll be setting a baptismal date with her soon. We met with her and her parents. Her interest in the church seems to have sparked interest in her parents. the mom took a Book of Mormon and said that she wanted to read it. We’ll be meeting with them sometime this week again!

And the best news this week: we have a baptismal date!! One of our investigators told us this week that she wants to be baptized! She was found right before I got here (from what I understand) so I’ve been around from the beginning of her teaching. She’s progressed so much in these two months. She’s gone to church the last three weeks and she’s suddenly just sky rocketed through the Book of Mormon. She wouldn’t read anything at first and now she’s just reading entire books between our visits. She was midway through Mosiah the last time we talked to her.

We showed her the baptismal font yesterday and she loves the ward. She loves how friendly everyone is and how welcomed and genuinely caring the members are. Right now the baptism is set for September 10th. The only thing that might get in the way is that she might be going in for surgery soon. We’re hoping that doesn’t happen!! But it’s so so so exciting!! We’re finally getting a baptism! :)

– Elder Saul Marquez

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One response to “Hate the Humidity, Love Baptismal Dates! :)

  1. Westley Barragan

    August 24, 2011 at 10:33 am

    Saul! I had a dream about you last night :). You were at my mission farewell and you were speaking to me in french. Hah it was good to see you in my dream. The dream wasn’t a revelation of where I’m going on my mission, that is still tbd. Seems like you’re having an awesome time!


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