08 Aug

Well I only have like ten minutes left so sorry if this turns out to be a bad email! We’re at an internet cafe….

But yesterday was pretty great. We finally got an investigator to church! We’ve been trying to get her to church since I got here and it’s always been a challenge but she finally got there yesterday. Although it was a huge hassle!

We were supposed to meet her at the bus stop and walk with her to church from there. Well she got off her train and told us she was there but we couldn’t find her. It just so happened that one of the ward members was at our station. He talked to her on the phone and found out that she was actually at a train station in a different city next to ours. So he went to the church to go start the meeting and another member came back, picked us up, drove us there to get her; picked her up, drove forever to get back to the church (there was a marathon going on so half the streets were blocked!) and then we finally got to church a half hour late.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to ask her what she though because when we got out of Priesthood meeting we saw her getting in a member’s car and he gave her a ride home. We’ll talk to her soon though. But THAT was a huge blessing.

Last night we also got to teach one of our investigators who’s been seeing missionaries for a long time. The cool thing was that we not only taught him but his entire family!! And they all seem to be interested. They’ve invited us back to see them twice this week.

Annnnd that one less active member that I wrote about before (the one who is now going back to church) we’ve begun teaching his entire family too!

So exciting! This last week was great with lessons and investigators. :D

Elder Saul Marquez

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