01 Aug

I couldn’t think of a good title for this blog post so I named it after the first thing that came into my mind!!

Quick update: I’m still in Meaux and my new companion is Elder Nelson. He’s a super nice guy and a very hard worker and he likes bacon and Disney. Speaking of which, with our old president, we weren’t allowed to go to Disneyland (we live right next to it). So Elder Nelson really wanted to go and so he asked our new president, President Polznanski, and the answer waaassss…… no. Oh well.

Also, Elder Nelson drives which is good for me because I don’t like to drive and I’m terrible at stick shift.

So the French is still slowly coming. I’m always understanding more and more but I still have a hard time speaking it, especially if it’s not a gospel related subject. As for my Spanish, a lot of it is gone. Not happy about that.

So we had a cool experience the other day. We were contacting in Meaux and we passed a guy on the sidewalk.

After a couple seconds Elder Nelson said, “I feel kind of guilty for not talking to him.” So I said, “Well then turn around and go talk to him!”

We turned around and saw him walking to a car. We noticed that the car had a flat tire and realized that the car belonged to him. So we went over to help him. He was a little hesitant to let us help at first but we helped him anyway. We starting talking to him and he told us a bit about him and his family. After we finished, he started asking us some questions about what we believed in.

Then he said, “You should come over to my house and tell me more!”


Haha we’re hoping to see him this week. Let’s hope it all goes well. :)

Not much else. Dad and Aunt JoLeen, stay safe. I am praying for yooouuu. :D

– Elder Saul Marquez

Just in case you are wondering about his dad this is the email I wrote Saul:

Hope you week was good…. How’s the French coming along?  Are you still driving?  Any luck learning how to drive stick?
Your father, of course, returned from Mexico…though it is amazing he is still in one piece.  What he failed to tell me Sunday night and the reason he was so late returning home and decided to just stay in Douglas….was that he had an accident.  I think the Lord really watched over him this last trip (as I’m sure he always is watched over) but it was so evident this time.  It was a very rainy night (heavy rain)  Dad was going about 75miles an hour.  When water was crossing the road like a small creek.  He hit that water and the truck went sailing through the air, spinned, then sailing again and finally landed on its side (passengers side) then bounced back with all wheels on the ground.  One of the wheels was busted another was low on air.  He had some police help him to change his tire and escort him to the next town where he fixed the other tire.  The police wanted to fine him like $300 dollars (I actually don’t remember how much, but way too much)  He said respectfully, “You all did help me and I will accept your ticket, but I only have $50 dollars.  I will take the ticket to court and see the judge.  I will give you $50 for your help, which I really appreciate it.  You can all go to dinner on me.”  Can you just hear Dad saying that?  They took the $50 dollars and didn’t give him the ticket.  Ha Ha  Dad said that the seat belt saved his life.  If he hadn’t been wearing it he would’ve been thrown from the truck.  Count your many blessings!!!  So young man please wear your seat belt in France.  Can’t remember if I wrote that down in my letter in the package.
Hey I love you!  Can’t wait to hear about your week.  I pray for you, your companion and investigators often.  Don’t want to take more time.  I plan on writing you a letter this week.
Mom :

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