This Week…

04 Jul

… I’m writing a short email!!

This week I:

  • Didn’t do Soldes shopping. Instead I,
  • Visited the Louvre. It was awesome. I saw the Mona Lisa and a bunch of other famous paintings. I’ve wanted to do that forever.
  • Stayed home on Thursday because Elder Lee was sick.
  • Didn’t teach a lot at all because Elder Lee was sick and everyone is on vacations. So it was hard meeting with people.
  • Ate fish. Almost died.

Yay!! Also, France is now covered in Harry Potter posters. They look awesome. Nine more days until the movie is out in France!!! ~8D

Happy fourth of July!!
Elder Saul Marquez

P.S. – Yay!!! FINALLY Harry Potter ebooks!!!  But JK Rowling is super vague.  I still don’t quite get what Pottermore is!!! ?? Ohwellz. :)

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