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Harry Potter and the Terrible Week


Please pray for a temple in France. It was announced the other day that the Church has bought a plot of land in Versailles (just west of Paris where the mission home is). The church members here are so excited and they’re going crazy. Yesterday during Church all they talked about was the possibility of a temple. I saw one member crying a bit—they’re just so excited. Apparently all the French members are going nuts on Facebook about it. It’s very exciting and it looks promising. This happened once before in the 80s but nothing ended up happening. So please pray that they’ll build one here. I know everyone’s hoping to hear Paris Temple in October!  So please keep that in mind!! :)


I heard about the dust storm.  It made Paris papers!  Sounds like it was crazy.

It basically killed me to not go to the Harry Potter premiere. :( We went to one member’s home and they were having a Harry Potter marathon. And then someone said it was THE BEST HARRY POTTER EVER!!!!!!!! I was in Paris the day it came out in France and I saw people dressed up for Harry Potter. One girl was wearing a Voldemort shirt and I yelled out VOLDEMORT!!!! hahaha. And we went to another member’s home and I got to see the trailer (sooooooo stinking goooooood) and the news station was talking about it and they did an interview with Daniel Radcliffe and the posters were everywhere…..

I was really really really really really sad. And in the morning when it turned 9am here, I knew that it had just turned midnight back home and that I was missing all of it. :(

So that’s part of why my week stunk.

The other reason?

Before I got to France, Elder Lee contacted a a girl who seemed very interested in the church. ALL transfer we tried to set up a meeting with her but she was always busy. But whenever Elder Lee called her, she’d at least as questions about the Church. One time, Elder Lee even pretty much gave her the entire Plan of Salvation over the phone. Her reaction to that was, “That’s so great!! It’s so great how God loves us!”

So we were dying to meet with her all transfer because she just seemed perfect.

And then we finally got to meet with her. She was super super super friendly. So we gave her the first lesson and she seemed to agree with all of it. And then we brought up Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. She completely refused to believe it. She wouldn’t even take a Book of Mormon to try and read it. That’s how it all ended. She was still super nice.

It was just very very sad. After the entire transfer trying to meet with her and for it to end like that. :/ Oh well. It’s part of missionary work, right?

There have been some good things, though. A while back, we visited a less active member and challenged him and his family to go to church. He’s been going now for three straight weeks. His first week at church he and his family looked sad. But yesterday they looked so happy!!! There’s been a huge change! He was even participating in Elder’s Quorum yesterday. And the cool part is that his whole family has gone too and they’re not members so that’s cool.

Ok last thing. This transfer is ending (happened so fast!!) I’m staying in Meaux! My new companion will be an Elder Nelson. I don’t know him. I guess he’s in Belgium. I’ll meet him on Wednesday.

Hope everything goes well!
Have fun watching Deathly Hallows without me. :P
~ Elder Saul Marquez

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This Week…

… I’m writing a short email!!

This week I:

  • Didn’t do Soldes shopping. Instead I,
  • Visited the Louvre. It was awesome. I saw the Mona Lisa and a bunch of other famous paintings. I’ve wanted to do that forever.
  • Stayed home on Thursday because Elder Lee was sick.
  • Didn’t teach a lot at all because Elder Lee was sick and everyone is on vacations. So it was hard meeting with people.
  • Ate fish. Almost died.

Yay!! Also, France is now covered in Harry Potter posters. They look awesome. Nine more days until the movie is out in France!!! ~8D

Happy fourth of July!!
Elder Saul Marquez

P.S. – Yay!!! FINALLY Harry Potter ebooks!!!  But JK Rowling is super vague.  I still don’t quite get what Pottermore is!!! ?? Ohwellz. :)

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