13 Jun


I am living in France now! You know that.

So a week ago we all said our goodbyes at the MTC. It was bittersweet because on one hand we were finally leaving and on the other we all had to say goodbye. But anyway, we got on the plane and flew for a good eleven hours or so. I got NO SLEEP and was dirty and exhausted.

When we got to the airport President Staheli greeted us with the APs(missionaries who are assistants to the president of the mission, usually missionaries who have been in the mission field for awhile) and they had food for us. Then they sent us on a train to downtown Paris to do contacting for a couple hours. BLEH. But I contacted a group of girls on the train: IN SPANISH. So my first contact was in Spanish, not French haha.

Then we went to the mission home (in Versailles), took a shower, interview with President (President Staheli and his wife are great), dinner and then SLEEP. I was SO out. Woke up next morning, was over jet lag (mostly) and then we met our new trainers.

My companion is Elder Lee. This is his last transfer. That first day we stopped by the Eifel Tower. I got to see it but I have yet to go up it. Hopefully sometime soon. My first proselyting area is a city east of Paris (right outside Paris) near Disneylnd Paris (apparently) called Meaux (pronounced “Mo”). However we live closer to Paris in a city called Bussy-Saint-George which is a much nicer place then Meaux.

Since we’re so close to Paris, we go to Paris twice a week: Saturday and Monday. Saturday is to work in the visitor’s center in downtown Paris (not far from Notre Dame, btw) and Monday for P-Day (Preparation Day). Once I get my legality I can apparently visit museums for free. Today we’re going to play football near where Napoleon is buried. Haha.

Anyway, people here are nice. Members are nice. People speak Spanish. I don’t understand anything. And it’s all good! :)

Till next week,
Elder Saul Marquez

PS –

Elder Saul Marquez
6 Avenue André Malraux
– Met Landon Magnuson’s wife walking down the street a couple days ago in downtown Paris. Coincidence haha. (Landon is a young man from Mesa, AZ from our old ward or congregation.)
Also Pres said I could be going to Brussels later in my mission to the Spanish mission to work there. Just in passing though, nothing really in stone. It’d be cool to say I did two languages on my mission though!

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One response to “Bonjour!

  1. Aunt Nan

    June 13, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    Spanish!!!!!!! hahaha – that is awesome:)
    There was a debate on how to say Meaux – thanks for the pronunciation.
    Cuz now we can pronounce it Meaux-betta’. Ha!
    So, excited you are in the field and that you are enjoying the people.
    You and the French are in our prayers.
    We love you bunches:)


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