Seven Reasons Why I’ve Loved the MTC

31 May


Sorry for not writing a post last week. Things are getting super busy here. I’ll be in France in less than ONE WEEK!! :D

So with that in mind, here’s some stuff you might (or might not, probably the latter) want to know. We don’t get Dear Elders on Saturdays so if you need/want to write me through Dear Elder, then please send it no later than Friday. If I don’t get it Friday, I won’t get it at all. If you want/need to send a package, it has to be here no later than Saturday. I won’t get it if it comes later. The MTC won’t forward my mail to me. They’ll just send it back to you.

Quick note: Last week we thought we’d get Elder Holland. We didn’t. We get Elder Nelson. Very cool. :)

So here’s what Monday will be like for me: Elder Russo and Sister Ovard will be leaving at five in the morning to go to Toulouse, France (I think I spelled that wrong). So we’ll probably be up early to say bye to them. Then everyone else in our zone will be leaving at like eight. Elders Hunter, Cheel and I will be leaving at 1:50 pm to the Salt Lake City Airport. We have ONE straight flight to De Gaulle Airport in Paris–leaving at 4:50 pm (I think) and then a nice eleven hour flight to Paris. We should get to Paris the next day (June 7th) at around noon. And then I begin my mission! :)

We’re excited to leave! I’ve enjoyed my time here, but I am SUPER ready to leave. I think that the worst thing will be saying goodbye to all of the great people I’ve met. So today I thought I’d share a little bit about each of the members of my district.

Elder Zollinger – He and I like to tease each other a lot, but it’s always with a good spirit. He has a strong testimony and has really inspired me to be the best missionary I can possibly be. He’s also helped me loads with French. I owe a lot to this elder. He’s serving in the Geneva mission.

Elder Cushing – Elder Cushing is absolutely hilarious. He’s loads of fun to be around. I’ll miss his jokes that he tells every day. But even thought he loves to mess around, he’s also serious about the work and I know he’s going to serve well. He’s also going to Geneva.

Elder Jensen – He’s from Queen Creek too and we met briefly once in our mission prep class. I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to know him. He gets so excited about French–especially when we’re playing French/Gospel catch phrase. He’s just always in a good mood and I know his attitude is going to bless everyone in Geneva too.

Elder Turnbow – Elder Turnbow is super smart and always shares insightful thoughts during our lessons and discussions. He’s a great guy. You can tell he’s got a strong spirit and testimony of this gospel. I’ll miss Elder Turnbow loads. He’s just awesome! :) He’s serving in Geneva.
Elder Russo – Elder Russo is one of our room-mates. I’ve seen a huge change in him since he first got here. He used to have the worst time staying on task, but he’s gotten so much better. His desire to serve has grown incredibly. He still has trouble sometimes, but I know as he serves, he’ll become even stronger. Sometimes he’s a bit of a handful but I’ll miss him a lot! :)

Elder Cheel – Elder Cheel is our crazy elder who’ll be speaking Mandarin in Paris. When he first got here, he said that his testimony was still a seed. The other day he commented that he feels it’s grown a lot here. I can tell it has. He doesn’t take a lot seriously, but I think he will the more he serves. I can’t wait to talk to him in two years to see how he’s changed. He’s got a great spirit and he’s going to bless a lot of people.

Elder Hunter – Last is Elder Hunter, my companion. I’ve been sooooo lucky to have him as a companion. He’s absolutely awesome. I’ve never had any problems with him. He’s helped me loads in French and in better understanding this gospel. We teach and plan well. I’m really sad that I’m going to have to leave him in a week. But I know that he’s going to do some amazing things in the mission. I’m excited to hear about what those things are!

I’ve really been blessed here at the MTC. Especially with my district. They really are the seven reasons why my time here has been so great. Not only them, but my zone, teachers and branch presidency too. They’ve been my best friends for the last two months! Everyone here is just awesome. I’m ready to leave, but I will miss it and I’ll cherish the memories I’ve made here forever.

So I guess the next time you hear from me is when I’ll be in France!

Wish me luck! :)
~ Elder Saul Marquez

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