One Month Down, Twenty-Three More to Go!

10 May


I can’t believe that I’ve been away from home for a month. I’m starting to understand what they mean when they say that the MTC and mission goes by fast. The days themselves seem slow, but then when we look back on the weeks we’ve been here, they seem to have gone by in a blur. It’s crazy how that works out!
Thanks for the letters! I love reading them! :)

So to answer some questions: How’s the weather? Raining. :) The others keep wanting to go to the field for gym but it keeps raining. I told them that it’s because I keep praying for rain because I love it so much. They were not amused. >:)

The elders in my district are doing fine. My companion, Elder Hunter, is the new district leader. Lots’o extra meetings for him!

And last week we didn’t end up having Jesus or President Monson come. However, we have reason to believe that something big is going down tonight. We’ll see…

So one of the cool things about the MTC is how international it is. We’ll be walking through the halls and I’ll hear people speaking in all sorts of languages from Spanish to English, to English English, to Australian English, to Chinese, to Genovian (What??), to French, to Telomononofwahaloogie!! It’s just a cool thought to think of how many people throughout the world are willing to serve the Lord and also how many people throughout the world need to know the Lord.

There’s really nothing new going on. They keep changing our schedules. They’re trying to fix and perfect the schedules to fit in with their new curriculum–and we’re the guinea pigs. We don’t know what’s going on most of the time. And they replaced our old service with a new one that requires us to do service two days in the week. I honestly wouldn’t mind doing it (and it’s a pretty cool service assignment: setting up the gym for the devotionals) but it’s on our P-Day! I have a significantly less time to write letters now. Today’s already going to be pretty busy.

But oh well. One cool new change to the schedules is that they’ve implemented something called Workshop. We have them Monday mornings and we can pick what we want to work on. So like yesterday we worked on “Teach People, Not Lessons.” It really helped with knowing how we need to teach by the Spirit and not just by the order of Preach My Gospel.

We also got a new teacher. He’s a bit more strict than our others but he’s a pretty cool guy. I’m really excited to learn from him. He’s replacing one of our older teachers who decided to run off and get married. We’ve now had both of our teachers replaced for the same reason!

Anyway, that’s pretty much it!! I’ve seen Elder Meryhew around. We don’t get to talk a lot because we only see each other briefly in the halls but he was in my workshop yesterday.

That’s about it. Write me!! :)
~ Elder Saul Marquez

P.S. – Also, I notice some of my mail is being addressed with MTC BOX #119. I don’t know what I have on the blog or left you, but my box number is actually 116! Can you change it if it’s wrong on the blog? Thanks!

Someone should send me some pics of the Harry Potter trailer. It sounds like it’s soooo good. ~8)


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2 responses to “One Month Down, Twenty-Three More to Go!

  1. Jahu

    May 10, 2011 at 1:33 pm

    Pfft, you’re supposed to be focusing on being a missionary; we’re not gonna send you Harry Potter pictures. :P

  2. Aunt Nan

    May 10, 2011 at 1:58 pm

    Bahahaha – the HP Trailer is sooooooooo good. OH and it is always best to pray for rain – unless you live in Seattle then you pray to move;) I love TueZdays!


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