In One Day: Provo, San Francisco, Vegas and Salt Lake!

15 Apr

SO MUCH has happened this week. There’s no possible way I can fit it all into one email–especially considering that I only have twenty minutes left to write. So I’ll just go over the largest event of the week: Our trip to San Francisco.

We had to wake up extremely early in the morning. Normally we wake up around six but on Tuesday we had to wake up at four. We were at the MTC Travel Office by five and on the way to the airport by 5:30. One of the sister missionaries accompanied us because she’s also serving in France. She was in charge of the group because she was the oldest. We were basically all on our own–it was cool! It was also interesting because we were heading to the airport with all the elders who were just leaving the MTC to enter the field. I guess we got an early preview of what it’ll be like in about eight weeks!

Anyway, our plane left a couple hours later. We were flying Delta (in a super small plane!) so we had assigned seating. Before we left, some of the sister missionaries gave us Book of Mormons to try and place during our trip. I had one of them and so I kept hoping to give it to someone. Well, the guy I was sitting next to had his iPad out the entire time and his earphones over his ears. He pretty much ignored me the entire time. He was watching The Fighter the entire time. When the pilot announced that we were descending, he finally decided to take off his earphones–that’s when I got to speak to him. He asked about my mission and then mentioned that he had gone on one to Nicaragua. He didn’t say much about it, though, other than that it was “cool.”

When we arrived in San Francisco, we got picked up by a chauffeur who I guess has been driving the French missionaries around San Francisco for years. He took us straight to the French consulate where we had to hand them over our visa papers and passports. They filled them out, got our fingerprints, took our picture and then sent us on our way. They kept our passports and paperwork so it sounds like they’ll be processing it all and then sending the visas to the MTC Travel Office.

After we finished there, out driver took us to Pier 39 to get lunch. It was a weird experience. A huge group of Mormon Missionaries in San Francisco = a lot of angry stares. All the attention was on us. Some of us found it funny that people seem to think we can’t hear them talking about us when we’re about five feet away. Either way, we ignored them and headed off to a pizza place. (Pam–if you’re reading this, I totally saw a sign that said SAUSALITO!!! hahaha). When we were done at Pier 39, we headed over to the Golden Gate Bridge where we took loads of pictures! It was so much fun! :D

We then rushed back to the airport to catch our plane. We had a layover in Las Vegas. (San Francisco and Las Vegas… the two worst places a Mormon missionary could be in? haha)

The Las Vegas airport was funny because they have slot machines IN THe AIRPORT. It’s pretty ridiculous, really. I guess some people just can’t wait.

Anyway, I was going to pick up some postcards from Las Vegas but then I got really really sick suddenly. It pretty much ruined my whole day. Thankfully, one of the elders was able to find some medicine so I took that and started feeling better.

Something cool did happen while we were at the LV airport, though. A memebr from the church (I think her name was Sister Bollinger) got all of our mom’s numbers and called them up for us. We couldn’t talk to our moms but she did for us! She let them know we were doing alright (well, i wasn’t at the moment, to be honest–haha) and that we were on our way back to Provo.

From there we hopped on the plane and flew to Salt Lake. It was raining when we got back (YES!) and so the day ended pretty well.

It was a crazy day! haha. Unfortunately, I never did get around to placing that Book of Mormon. The other guys I sat next to on my second flight didn’t want to talk after I broguht up the church and my third flight I ended up sitting next to one of the other elders. :( I’ll pass it on to the next set of missionaries who go to SF.

I can’t type much because I’m just about out of time but here’s a few things I wanna share from this week really really quick:

– BYU Men’s Choir came Sunday night. They were AWESOME and so much fun!
– We taught a mock investigator everyday up until yesterday–in FRENCH. it was very cool. he’s now our teachers.
– The French is coming along. Unfortunately, I feel I’m forgetting some Spanish. However, a few other French missionaries speak Spanish too so I like to talk with them!

And I got asked this a lot. The other elders in my district are from:
– Elder Hunter, Paradise, California
– Elder Russo, St. Louis, Missouri
– Elder Zollinger, Bountiful, Utah
– Elder Cushing, Kansas
– Elder Cheel, Oregon but originally Taiwan
– Elder Turnbow, Tampa, Florida
– Elder Jensen, Queen Creek!

Hope you’re all doing well! Write me! :)

~ Elder Marquez

P.S. – They’ve figured out I like Harry Potter
P.P.S. – Someone send me an ELDER WAND so I can complete my full “Elder” experience.
P.P.P.S. – The sister missionaries like Harry Potter too. :)


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2 responses to “In One Day: Provo, San Francisco, Vegas and Salt Lake!

  1. ngonzales

    April 15, 2011 at 12:49 pm

    Elder Wand – bahahaha – he makes me smile:)

  2. Pam

    April 15, 2011 at 2:59 pm

    I can’t believe you were in SF and I didn’t even know! We could’ve passed each other on the street and had NEVER KNOWN! Craaaaazzzyyy!!
    Love that you saw a Sausalito sign– you were REALLY close if you crossed over the Golden Gate!
    In any case, glad your missionary is going well– I’ll definitely write you a letter soon!

    Take care!
    ~ Pam


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