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My Missionary Site!

The old site is gonnnne!

I leave in FOUR DAYS! My report date is on Wednesday (April 6) but I’m being set apart Monday night and then we’re driving up to Utah on Tuesday. That’s basically four days (I think).

Anyway, now redirects to and will continue to do so while I’m away for the next two years.  My mom will be posting my letters home on this blog so you guys can see what I’m up to while I’m away on my mission! :)

And if your name isn’t on the mailing list that we had out during my open house, you should ask my mom to put you on–OR you can subscribe to this blog and get notifications every time a new letter is posted here!

This weekend is going to be awesome–especially with General Conference! Hopefully I can post one or two more times in between then and Monday night!

Until then, I’m counting down the days…

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